Tetra AI in Production of Games and VFX

Automated Testing


Conversational AI


Tetra, which stands for TEchnology TRAnsfer, is a practice-based research program focusing on projects with high economic and social value. The aim is to transfer new technologies and knowledge into the work field.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a buzzword that’s been hard to ignore recently. Despite a lot of coverage on the topic in conferences and mainstream media, it can remain vague what the realistic present-day possibilities are. In the last year, we’ve had AI breakthroughs on the topics of driverless cars, speech technology, as well as playing various games. However, a clear picture of how these technologies can improve niche production pipelines is missing entirely.

AI Applied onto Game Technologies

Game Testing, the creation of Animations, or designing realistic Conversations are just some of the examples where AI can and will play a significant role in the future. That is why DAE Research started the TETRA project on this topic. Together with a steering group composed of various Games and VFX companies, we believe that the use of AI will free up more time for the creative process itself.


This current TETRA is a preparation year running until September 2020. We’re using the preparation year to determine the different use-cases in which AI will have the most impact. Cooperation and interaction with the steering group will ensure our research will be applicable and valuable in the work field. Ideally, this preparation year will result in a follow-up TETRA, starting in October 2020. In this follow-up tetra, we will further develop the use cases and broaden the knowledge and research done in the first year.


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